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We were completely soaked, my classmates and I, tired and hungry after an entire day of hiking, cramped on a bench in the station of Sinaia, a small town on the valley of the Prahova river. We'd just missed the last train to Bucharest and we were getting ready to sleep the night in the station, with the hope to catch a train the morning after. As this was taking place on a Sunday, that also meant we would miss school next day (and that was a school trip !!!). I was 12 and thought that was the best day ever,  to this day,  one of my happiest memories about *the mountains*.  Many more would come. The Heroes Cross from Caraiman Peak, Bucegi Mountains. If you lived in Bucharest, *the mountains* meant Bucegi, and Valea Prahovei with its collection of small vacation towns, Sinaia, Busteni, Poiana Tapului, Predeal, and a little bit further, on the other side of the mountains,  Brasov, a jewel of a city known for its beautiful Black Church, one the most beautiful gothic constructi

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