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I owe it to my friends M. and M.,  discovering national parks and dessert landscape that is. I wasn't always driving through white sands in New Mexico, watching sunsets coloring buttes in Arizona, or hiking trough canyons in Utah. For the first few years on this continent my travels were limited to the East Coast and its cities, with the notable exception of a short trip to Niagara Falls. I found both New York City and Washington D.C. unique, one with its organic grow and mix of ... well... everything, the other with its carefully planned constructions meant to impress,  but none of them were my American Venice (that place of wonder and enthusiasm for something new, and beautiful in a way where it felt like you've just discovered the world).   Joshua Tree National Park, California It was a trip to Los Angeles that changed it all. I was visiting my friends M. and M., first time ever on the West Coast. When they asked me what I wanted to see, because cities it's what I kne

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