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Wide open spaces

Monument Valley, seen from U.S. Highway 163, coming from North. The writing was on the wall,  for whoever wanted to see it and did the math,  trusted science, or just trusted that entire countries do not shut down for a simple cold. And here we are -- words like pandemic and lockdown are not just a movie plot and the times when one could hop on a plane for a short, unplanned vacation seem from another life. Now, more than ever, I feel grateful for all the places I've been, all the views  I have taken in, all the people I have met, talked to, had drinks and meals with, have laughed with, all the hugs I have been given and gave.  When the knot gets tight in my stomach and the walls feel like crumbling down on me in this apartment where even the windows do not open more than a few inches, I know exactly where I would like to be. View from Artist's Point, Monument Valley When I was a child there was a place that fascinated me,  a bunch of red rock tall constructi

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